Day 11 – Westerland to Assen

Today was the last day of our tour! 

We left the campsite at 8.30 this morning and headed towards the afsluitdijk. We had a tailwind so we could get a good speed up 🙂 . After six kilometers on the afsluitdijk we passed the 1000 kilometers mark on our tour!

1000 kilometers!!
View from the afsluitdijk


After the afsluitdijk we headed through Friesland through lots of pretty little towns and villages. One of the places we went through was Joure, where one of my classmates lives. I took a photo next to the sign to send to her.

Passing through Joure

Just ten minutes after sending her this photo we saw her, so that was a coincedence!

Our journey was all going very well but when we were 30km away from Assen, Sander noticed that his back tyre was bumpy. He had a flat tyre! When we stopped to fix it, it was clear what had caused it.

Bike fixing
The culprit

Of course, as we were trying to fix the puncture it started to rain. We had great weather for the whole tour, but now it started tipping down! When we were done patching up the tyre, it stopped raining and we carried on.

When we went through Veenhuizen it started to tip down and everything was soaked. Luckily from there it only took 45 minutes to get home, so we could have warm showers and put on normal clothes to warm up again!

At 18.00 we arrived at home in Assen, after a 150km cycle. With this last day of the tour it brought our total distance to 1130km in 11 days! We are very pleased with ourselves, we had a really great time but are glad to be home again now 🙂

One last photo 🙂

4 thoughts on “Day 11 – Westerland to Assen

  1. Great to have you home again ! It was a real surprise for me as I was expecting you tomorrow.


    1. Hello again ,
      Yes I must confess I thought you said tomorrow ,
      But well done all the same great to hear you have arrived home safe and sound regardless of puncture Sander.
      You both look very refreshed anyway, well done to you.
      GOSH 1130 klm .that’s great What an achievement ——
      —-Did you do it for a sponsor ship or just for fun ?
      Hope you enjoyed freshen up and meal back home .
      Love you,
      Nanny ,
      xxxx oooo.


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