Day 10 – Buitenhuizen to Westerland

After sleeping really well on a proper bed in the trekkershut, we left at 8.30 this morning from the campsite. From Buitenhuizen we cycled to the ferry in Velsen-Zuid, where we joined the LF1 Noordzee route again.

IJmuiden from the ferry

After that we could just follow the route all the way to our campsite for the night! It’s so nice to just follow the signs and see where they take you.

Somewhere near IJmuiden
The water here was so clear that you could see right to the bottom!

Sander taking photos

The paths along this route aren’t very direct, you weave through and up and down the sand dunes, which keeps it interesting and fun to cycle along πŸ™‚

We had our first break in Bergen aan Zee, here it was so windy that it felt like our legs were being slapped every time the sand hit them! Bergen aan Zee is a very pretty little town, lots of the houses are at the top of sand dunes and look lovely when the sun shines on them.

Bergen aan Zee
Sander playing Pokemon Go – there was a Pokemon somewhere near us on the beach
Caught it!

Along the route there were lots of look out points over the sea, as the bike path is on the other side of the dunes so you can’t see the sea from your bike. Here’s the view from one of them:

The panorama feature didn’t work very well in the wind, it was difficult to keep the camera steady πŸ™‚

Us at the top of the view point – can you tell it was windy?
The sea!

After a while we turned on to the LF10 Waddenzee route. Straight away the scenery changed, this route is along very straight country roads. A bit more boring than the dune paths but it also felt kind of like at home πŸ™‚

At 15.45 we arrived at our campsite in Westerland, after a 97km journey. 

Our camping spot
Dinner tonight – wok noodles with sweet mango curry sauce, tofu blocks and wok veggies

3 thoughts on “Day 10 – Buitenhuizen to Westerland

  1. Uh, I don’t think it’s a good idea to have those little bagged veggies, David did a review of those on one of his blogs and thought they were tasteless. Feel free to correct me David if I am thinking of the wrong blog post or the wrong veggies. And to you Eliza/Sander, if you have the recipe to what you make, if you can post it, that would be quite nice. I need a collection of recipes without meat.

    97 km. I still can’t believe it. Man do I need to cycle more.


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