Day 8 – Ouddorp to Noordwijk

Today we had such a good day! We had great weather and following the LF routes is really nice because you don’t have to keep looking at a map. We just carried on cycling and cycling and cycling!

Just after our first coffee break we saw some wild horses in the heath:

Soon after that we realised that the book we are using to follow the LF1 Noordzee route – published in 1995 – isn’t correct anymore. We ended up way off track, but thought we may as well just follow the route as they probably changed it for a reason. Then we entered the port of Rotterdam – this went on for kilometers and kilometers, but luckily it was really quiet. Maybe because it’s Saturday? We then saw signs saying Hook of Holland. As we carried on cycling we came to a point where we had to turn left, heading towards the water. It turned out that we had to take the ferry from Maasvlakte to Hook of Holland! Here we had to wait for 45 minutes before the boat came.

Waiting for the boat, watching huge ships be filled up
Everyone was by bike as that’s basically the only way of getting to the ferry
View from the boat

From the Hook of Holland we cycled towards Den Haag along a beautiful path through the dunes. This path was so busy it was like being on a motorway!

Between Hook of Holland and Den Haag

Once we got to Den Haag, we turned off of the route because there was somewhere special I wanted to visit: the vegetarian snackbar! So we cycled all the way from Scheveningen to Den Haag central station. We had both never been to Den Haag before and were both amazed by how huge, busy and chaotic it was. Just Den Haag itself was a whole new experience!

Vegetarian snackbar
Strawberry milkshake
Kaassouffle, chips with mayonaise and a berenklauw – all vegan!

From there we cycled to the campsite where we had made a reservation in Noordwijkerhout. When we arrived there was really loud music, as tonight there is a festival going on at the campsite. We decided this might not be the place for us and carried on to a different campsite around the corner which luckily still had space for us! This brought our ride today to 107km.

Couscous and quinoa salad from Albert Heijn
Visitors at the campsite

6 thoughts on “Day 8 – Ouddorp to Noordwijk

  1. Hi again ,
    Sounds as if you’ve had another lovely day well done ,lucky to find veggy snack bar did they do any vegan ? ,the chocolate thingy looks like figs and cookies ? great you were able to get the ferry .
    Hows your ankle now Eliza ,hopefully better .xxxx oooo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes everything on the photo is vegan!! The chocolate thing isn’t actually chocolate haha, it’s a sort of snack that people have with chips here in the Netherlands, meat with onion and peanut sauce. This one is 100% plantbased! 🙂 my ankles are much better now, I can still feel them a bit but they aren’t painful any more 🙂 xxxx


      1. Technically, vegans don’t need to have everything based off of plants, it just can’t be animal based, unless the life based thing is a female feeding her children, or otherwise wants you to have it. I don’t know which clothes are made out of which plants, quite number of them can be, hemp, cotton, even a kind of leather at the clothes store near my house, but nylon is still vegan but not a plant. I knew that Belgium liked fries (what I call chips. If you know how to make vegan versions of fish and chips, of course not using actual fish, that would be a good recipe to have) with mayo, but I never knew that the Dutch, and apparently at least one Englishwoman, also like it.

        I still have a hard time understanding why people would eat those chickens. The last time I ever had was when I was a toddler, and I vomited on them. They really are our friends, not to be eaten.


  2. Great to see your continuing adventure. The LF1 does get really busy! Once upon a memory, Mum and I stayed in the stayokay in Noordwijkerhout.


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