Day 5 – Maastricht to Eindhoven

Today we’re back on track! We started the day at 8.30 after packing up all our stuff onto the bikes. We set off, down a huge hill towards Maastricht, from where we cycled towards Belgium. 

On the way we went through lots of really old pretty villages. This photo doesn’t really show how pretty or how steep this road was! It was lovely with the morning sun shining down the street.

Pretty streets in Elsloo

As we were cycling along, we saw an older couple obviously also on a cycling holiday. The woman had paniers and the man had a one wheeled trailer which even had a yellow flag on it! This made us laugh because it looked just like us but then in 40 years time. Hopefully we’ll still be cycle touring then 🙂

Unfortunately we saw a bit too much of this again today:

More roadworks, more detours

We had our first break in Maaseik, in Belgium. Sander and I went here on holiday three years ago, so it was lovely to be back!

Break in Maaseik

The road out of Maaseik was truly awful – we were very glad to be back in the Netherlands with smooth paths after that.

The rest of our cycle was rather uneventful. It was very straight and we didn’t have the best route – we knew this would be the case today though when we planned the ride.

Ice cream break in Maarheeze

Finally we arrived at our campsite in Zandoerle, at 17.15, just a couple of kilometers away from Eindhoven.

Campsite in Zandoerle

The campsite is really cute, everyone has their own private little green. It’s full of squirrels and birds! Very peaceful.

One pot pasta for dinner

Today’s cycle was 104km in total, just as we arrived at the campsite we reached 500km. That means we’re very close to half way through the tour now!

Unfortunately I do seem to have injured my ankles somehow. It hurts in the back of my ankle, on my Achilles tendon, so I have probably not been pedalling properly, or my seat is slightly too high. I hope that tomorrow everything will be back to normal so that we can carry on according to plan!


5 thoughts on “Day 5 – Maastricht to Eindhoven

  1. Half way! Excellent.

    It’s probably a good idea to take a couple of aspirins. When I’ve had that sort of pain before the combination of mild anti inflammatory with mild painkiller seemed to do the trick.


    1. Ahh okay thanks for the tip! We’ll cycle past a pharmacy tomorrow morning then 🙂 till now I’ve used tiger balm on it, that also seems to work for a bit!


  2. Hi Eliza and Sander ‘,
    Well your half way now I guess,I loved the look of the little villages , it reminded me of Clovelly in Devon there is no traffic and a delightful little place ,I hope your ankle is feeling better to day.xxxx Thinking of you good luck oooo


  3. There’s non animal milk ice cream (do babies like human milk ice cream?) ? How do I get that? My birthday is happening right away. I also have sometimes had foot pain like that, some OTC pills should work like David said, my moms a nurse so she told me how to deal with a lot of different problems. And I don’t think it’s a smart idea for Sanders to have beer, then cycle, but at least you are smart enough not to get drunk. Safe journeys to the two of you!


    1. Robert: We can buy several brands of non dairy ice-cream in the shops. One of the better tasting ones is called Swedish Glace. I’ve no idea if you can get that in Canada (but google probably knows the answer). Also note that sorbet is usually vegan.

      As for the “beer”, I think you’re confusing Eliza’s cup of tea with a glass of beer. Note that Sander is stirring his own cup of coffee in the photo. However, there’s nothing wrong with a beer (or two) when cycling. The calories are burnt off quickly enough. Of course, much more beer and you may well find it difficult to remain upright, which wouldn’t help at all. Note that drunk cycling is nowhere near so dangerous or anti-social as drunk driving. It simply doesn’t have the same cost to society. The possibility of hurting someone else is very low for a cyclist regardless of their sobriety and it’s been shown by Dutch research (to which I don’t have a link right now) that self-inflicted injury rates for drunk cyclists are no higher than self-inflicted injury rates for drunk pedestrians.


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