Day 4 – Aachen to Maastricht

Today we decided to take it easy after yesterday’s adventures. We had breakfast with Josephine at her house in Aachen, packed up our stuff and went into the center to look around. The roads were a bit different to in the Netherlands – bumpy, steep and with lotsss of cars! 

Sander’s fancy cappuccino

After a tea and coffee break we headed back up the steep roads, out of Aachen and towards Vaals. As we were cycling along we saw a sign for the ‘drielandenpunt’, three countries point. This is the point where the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium all join and it is the highest point in the Netherlands! We had to cycle two kilometers up very steep roads, but at the top the view made up for it. 

Drielandenpunt, Vaals
The view from the top

The cycle down took us much less time than the way up! After that we cycled towards Maastricht, up and down lots of hills. Here we found a campsite with swimming pool (!) and have spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and recovering from yesterday. Today we only cycled 42km, from tomorrow we are going to carry on according to plan.

Cooking dinner

2 thoughts on “Day 4 – Aachen to Maastricht

  1. I never knew that coke was vegan. Learning to cook well, man or woman, is a skill that one should learn if vegan, or even if you’re not of course. Probably not the best thing to drink while cycling, oh well, with the cycling you do these days the thing could be burned within an hour of pedaling. At least you have each other to make the time fly. It can be as powerful as coke, and this time I don’t mean the beverage.


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