Day 2 – Nijverdal to Groesbeek

Today we set off from Sander’s grandma’s house at 8.30 after a good sleep and filling breakfast. 

Just before leaving this morning

We started off feeling great – completely recovered from the day before and with great weather!

Just as we were coming up to the half way point (Laag Keppel) it started tipping down, so we stopped for sandwiches and a cup of tea at a cafe. Here we talked to a man who was passing by for ages about cycle touring. He came over to ask us how the trailer was and told us lots about the cycle tours he has done in the past, including to Vienna and Budapest! 

Somewhere half way

After that we thought it had cleared up but it carried on raining for quite a while. Finally when it had cleared up we reached the river Rijn where we wanted to cross a cycle bridge towards Millingen aan de Rijn. Unfortunately the river level was so high that it was impossible to cross the bridge without being knee deep in water. We had seen the local news about this the previous night but had not realised it would affect our route.

The river Rijn in Gelderland
The bridge we couldn’t cross

We decided that we would have to take a detour and went a bit further up the Rijn and crossed on a ferry. From there we headed towards Nijmegen and then finally to Groesbeek!

The ferry

Quick break


We arrived at the campsite at 17.30 after a 115km ride. After quickly putting up the tent we had dinner – a ready meal from Hema, chili sin carne by De Vegatarische Slager! This was a meal I was very much looking forward to!

The cook
Tonight’s dinner
Washing line

3 thoughts on “Day 2 – Nijverdal to Groesbeek

  1. Thank you for sharing your adventure , I loved it Nijmegan reminded me of Groninger,Where we had the lovely Pancakes ,I hope you have better luck weatherwise for the rest of your trip ,take care love nanny xxxx oooo

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