Day 1 – Assen to Nijverdal

Today we started our tour. For the first day we decided to cycle to Nijverdal, a town in Overijssel where Sander’s grandma lives. 

All ready to go

We set off just after 8.30 this morning, luckily we had good weather for most of the day!

As we left, Dad cycled with us for a bit and made this video of us: Starting our tour

Water break
Early lunch break in Hoogeveen

At around 10.30 we arrived in Hoogeveen, unfortunately a bit too early for the best chips in the north of the Netherlands so we ate some sandwiches and carried on. 

From there we cycled towards Ommen. Around 5km before arriving in Ommen I saw someone cycling towards us that I thought I recognised: it was Terry, on his way to my parents from Deventer! 

Terry, Sander and I around 5km north of Ommen
In Ommen we stopped for an ice cream at the place we always go to when we’re in the area and then carried on again.

The photos above are at my favourite part of Ommen – I think it’s so beautiful there. On the left behind the windmill is the campsite that Sander and I camped at on our first holiday together 🙂

At 13.50 this afternoon we arrived at Sander’s grandma’s house in Nijverdal after an 85km ride. Today is the second shortest day of the tour, so this afternoon and evening we are relaxing lots and being looked after by Sander’s grandma so that tomorrow we will be ready to ride again!


3 thoughts on “Day 1 – Assen to Nijverdal

    1. It’s very good touring in the countryside, maybe more so then in towns or villages. I’ve done it just last week. Using Google maps on my Phone, I rode from Tiel to IJmuiden and it’s just so simple. There are possibilities to cycle everywhere.
      To note just how fun cycling is, by reaching a small village during that trip, two young boys (15,16yrs?) came down the road towards me and one yelled ‘High five, madam?’ and that was what we did. How about that?


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