Welcome to Eliza and Sander’s cycling blog!

I made this blog so I can track our cycling trips. I hope you will enjoy reading about them 🙂


First of all, I am Eliza Hembrow, 22 years old and a student in Groningen, the Netherlands. My boyfriend, Sander, is 24 years old and graduated last year.

I have grown up cycling: my Dad always loved cycling and always encouraged us to cycle as well. For years I didn’t like it much, until we moved to the Netherlands from the UK. Due to the fantastic bike paths, I started to enjoy it more and really used it as a way to get around. This gave me freedom as a teenager that I am very grateful to have had!

Sander also grew up cycling seeing as he grew up in the Netherlands. As a teenager he cycled 45 minutes each way to his secondary school, every single day.

Our first holiday together was a cycling holiday. Both with trailers full of too much stuff that we didn’t need, we set off towards a campsite 70km south of where we lived. It took us all day to get there and nearly all I can remember about the trip is taking another break to have something to eat! Later on that same year we went on another cycling holiday, this time much closer: only about 40km away from home. We packed up the trailers again and off we went.

Since then we have done a lot of cycling – just to visit each other before we lived together but also day trips in the weekends and holidays and weekends away.

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