Ronde van Nederland..

In two days Sander and I will leave for our first longer cycling trip. Exactly ten years (and one day..) after my Dad left to cycle from Land’s End to John o’Groats! When my Dad got back from his trip, I really wanted to do the same thing. Now, I sort of will be 🙂 We are planning to cycle the all the way around the Netherlands, a trip which is 1000+ kilometers. We hope it will take us about ten days, averaging a bit more than 100km a day. I have no idea if this will be too much or not enough, we will just have to see!

To prepare for our trip, my Dad has helped us a lot with the bikes. I will be riding an old touring bike and Sander will be riding an old racing bike. Last Saturday we spent the whole afternoon setting the bikes up to be how we want them, putting good bar tape on, adding paniers, new tyres, mudgards etc and on Sunday we took them for a test ride.

We have made a rough plan of where we want to cycle to and through, though this might change while we are on the way. At the moment this is our plan:

Day 1: Assen –> Nijverdal = 90km
Day 2: Nijverdal –> Nijmegen = 109km
Day 3: Nijmegen –> Aachen (just over the border of Limburg in Germany – a friend lives there who we are going to visit) 140km
Day 4: Aachen –> Eindhoven = 104km
Day 5: Eindhoven –> Bergen op Zoom = 105km
Day 6: Bergen op Zoom –> Ouddorp = 113km
Day 7: Ouddorp –> Zandvoort = 102km
Day 8: Zandvoort –> Den Oever = 103km
Day 9: Den Oever –> Lauwersoog = 110km
Day 10: Lauwersoog –> Assen = 67km

Today and tomorrow we are packing and making sure we’re not forgetting anything important. Our list is already quite long, so hopefully it will all fit in the trailer and paniers 🙂

Our list 

4 thoughts on “Ronde van Nederland..

  1. If you’re copying the LEJOG, I would think it would be that dock north of Groningen to Het Zwindorp, not Assen to Noord Brabant. It should be more like 425 km, not 1000, unless you are thinking of a round trip. 100 km is pretty good, I guess you could do so in something like 6 hours plus breaks so long as you won’t need an hour to put on all the cycling equipment if some British guy told you to wear a helmet and the like. I’d do it on your mom’s recumbent if she will let you, she did 100 km on her first day of owning it.

    Goed succes en moi fietsenronte Eliza en Sander.


    1. Yes, we are planning to go all the way around! From Limburg to Zeeland and then up the coast over the afsluitdijk to the very north of Groningen and then back down to Assen 🙂 we just arrived at our first stop! Thank you 🙂 I’m sure it will be fun!


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